GRIND – Debut Album Out November 24, 2020

Genre: Grunge/Alt Rock/Post-Punk
From: Roanoke, VA
Sounds like: Tool, Soundgarden, Fugazi, Quicksand, Nirvana
Label : Brink Records

GRIND is a hard-driving alternative rock band harkening back to an era when that meant guitars, distortion, mosh pits, and having something to say that needed to be said RIGHT NOW. GRIND may be a throwback but their music and their message couldn’t have more urgency than it does today.

GRIND has a solid following in the Mid-Atlantic region, where they built a reputation for high energy alt rock songs with punk and grunge influences laid over deep rhythmic grooves. GRIND has played many live shows including opening spots for numerous better-known acts including 3-11, but never released any recordings aside from a single on RebelTone Records early in their career. This will be their first full length album and marks their first digital release as well.

(GRIND) have a pop/punk sound that I really like, great guitar playing and vocals that don’t ever overdo it for the sake of getting laid. They have the same kind of warmth Nirvana had in their early days. ~ Curious Goods

GRIND’s new album includes many of the best known and loved songs from their live performances and some that aren’t as well known. The album is being teased with a series of digital single releases. “Stay Away” on October 9, “Justify” on October 16, “Voice” on October 23, “Not My God” on November 10, and “Climb” on November 17. The full album is being pushed to radio internationally beginning October 22.

Sharpen your senses for the aural intensity of GRIND. Filing a ragged edge of angst and anger to a fine point, this four piece outfit from Virginia call their music ‘garage groove’…GRIND reveals a lot of structural finesse and a promising sharpness. ~ Break Magazine

“Voice” is an anthem for free speech, democratic engagement, and empowerment of the people, and is a powerful track for this election year and these difficult times.

The drummer from another band was right up front, rocking out harder than anyone else. ‘Isn’t this great?’ he screamed. ‘Yeah,’ I screamed back. ‘What would you call it though? He shook his head and gestured like a madman. ‘It’s f***ing rock ‘n’ roll man!’ That’s the kind of unbridled passion and genre-free energy GRIND creates every time they play. Yeah, it’s f***ing rock ‘n’ roll man. ~ V Magazine