DECEMBER'S CHILDREN – Heaven, Hell & the Journey's End – Out Now

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Heaven, Hell, & the Journey’s End

December’s Children is an Americana/Alt Country/Rock band from Grafton, North Dakota. The group formed over a decade ago and released four indie albums prior to being signed by Brink Records early in 2015. Heaven, Hell, & the Journey’s End” is December’s Children’s latest Brink release.

December’s Children was formed by Ryan Johnston and Kirt Lowe and soon grew to include Ryan’s brother Scott and Mark Sands on drums. The line up has had some shake ups over the years but Ryan, Kirt, & Mark have remained at the core with Scott often returning to write and play with the group.  The current line up includes Ryan, Kirt, and Mark, and has expanded to include Kim Rost, and Yen Lee Loh. They are heavily influenced by the Rolling Stones, Hank Williams and other 60s rock groups and classic country artists. With a catalog of over 300 songs, you will find a tune for almost every musical taste from Decembers Children.

December’s Children’s previous releases on Brink were the LP Skeletons, a tremendous indie success with over 100,000 streams in the first few months of release and airplay across the US, Canada, and Australia.

This was followed by the even more successful EP, Waiting Room. The lead track, “Waiting Room” is a re-imagining of Fugazi’s hardcore classic in DC’s unique Americana style. The Waiting Room EP received even more support support from commercial and public stations in the U.S., being added to rotation in various major markets and even resulting in the band members being asked to do drops for numerous stations, as well as radio play in the UK and Canada, and regional print press coverage. The band had a full episode feature on Prairie Musicians on PBS in 2017.