Who We Are Today

Brink Records is an artist-centric label dedicated to help indie artists share their music with the world. We have taken our years of experience in various aspects of the music industry and, with the creation and application of new technology, developed a new model for record companies that gives indie artists what we believe is the best chance to find an audience and make a living. When our experience, creativity, and proven techniques are combined with your hard work, determination, and great music, together we can create the best possible chance for you to succeed.

We work with artists in three ways:

  1. We sign artists and operate as a full service record label.
  2. We offer blended marketing and distribution services built around your goals.
  3. We offer a la carte marketing and public relations services.

If you’d like to work with us, fill in the form below. We’ll check out your music and go from there. No matter what capacity we might work with you, we like to hear you first, because the music comes first.

Before we work with you, we have to believe in you. If we aren’t the right fit for you we’ll be honest about it and we’ll tell you what we think you need. Worst case scenario: you get some free advice that you can do with (or tell us to do with) whatever you see fit.

If you’re ready to try something other than what hasn’t been working, get in touch. You have nothing to lose and we don’t bite…harder than we need to. Use the form below and be sure to include a link to your best recording or email your best MP3 or WAV file.

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