Our History

Brink Records was founded by Grace Garvin Little and Drew Little. It is the culmination of decades of work helping independent musicians deal with the rapidly changing and increasingly challenging  music industry landscape.

Drew started as a club & showcase promoter and artists’ agent in 1987, while still in high school. In 1992 he met Grace Garvin and within the year they had founded PMS Records, a seminal east coast punk and alternative label. At PMS, Grace and Drew worked with nearly 40 different east coast indie artists from New Jersey to Florida. They provided a full range of services including not just record production but media relations, booking, and distribution. PMS artists received radio and print coverage across the U.S, and in several other countries, as well as interest from a host of major labels. The artists that appeared on PMS’s compilation albums were compared favorably in the press to the biggest names in alternative music, received airplay on legendary radio programs, and were booked on the tours of some of the biggest national and regional acts of the day. The success of PMS in getting worthy music out to the world was the natural product of the artists’ extraordinary talent and the exceptional advocacy of the PMS crew.

Grace and Drew ran PMS until 1998 before pursuing careers in other industries, marketing and management respectively. Even after leaving their label, the couple continued to help a select group of clients and friends with their music careers, working mostly in the creation of marketing materials & strategy and media placement. The couple remained active in indie music as they built a life, family, and rewarding careers together.

In 2011, they returned their focus to the music industry out of a desire to address the new and complicated challenges artists face in the modern music industry. Grace and Drew founded true-indie.com. This platform went live in 2012 with the goal of using technology to give artists more control of their careers and finances. It was used by bands ranging from top indie artists to garage bands around the world and reached over 4 million users in 37 countries before being taken down at the end of 2013 for re-tooling. Due to unforeseen personal challenges faced by their family, the re-design and re-launch of true-indie was delayed by two years and ultimately the team decided the time was no longer right for that business.

While true-indie was not an immediate financial success, it, like PMS, achieved it’s goal of connecting indie artists with significantly larger audiences. It also served as a proving ground for ideas and strategies that are used by Brink Records today and gave our leadership team invaluable experience and knowledge that we put to work for our artists.

In February of 2015, with true-indie in limbo, Grace decided that rather than wait for a more opportune time that the company should pivot to  anew business model. Brink Records was launched with Grace as CEO and Drew heading up A&R. Later that same month one of the artists that had been successful on true-indie contacted Drew for feedback on a new song, and then on the entire album. After hearing what would become December’s Children’s Skeletons, Drew immediately offered the band the first spot on the new label and they were signed. Skeletons was released in April 2015 and garnered a flurry of press, Amazon #1s, prime playlist additions, and airplay on over 100 radio stations. The group followed up with their hit EP Waiting Room which was played on nearly 200 stations in the U.S. alone.

Throughout 2015 – 2017 Brink released a steady stream of albums, EPs, singles, and videos with several artists from the U.S. and U.K. Even though Brink was growing and showing signs of success, Grace and Drew wanted to be able to help more artists than they ever could as an indie label. A number of options were considered  before the Brink team settled on launching a music conference designed to advance the careers on independent artists exclusively. Thus the East Coast Music Conference was born.

ECMC launched in 2018 and in it’s first two years drew nearly 10,000 artists, industry professionals, and fans. Keynote and featured speakers have included the likes of Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman, noted drummer Matt Starr, and Collective Entertainment co-founder Emily White. Additionally, ECMC draws experts on every possible subject to help indie artists succeed, provides valuable networking time with industry pros and other musicians, and offers dozens of showcase and open mic opportunities to find new fans as well as a permanent community for online support and collaboration. Artists have gone on from ECMC to licensing and record deals, critical acclaim, and major tour opportunities, fulfilling the Brink team’s goal of helping more artists. ECMC itself has been repeatedly ranked among the best music conferences in the world.

With the success of ECMC, Brink now has several event properties in development with the mission of bringing indie artists together with today’s music fans  to share unique musical experiences.

In 2018, Brink’s leadership team was asked to join forces with Roxx Television. Together Brink and Roxx have been re-developing and existing music television series and will be re-launching the show in the second half of 2019. Together this new partnership is developing two more television properties with an intentional focus on breaking down the fourth wall to include live events and digital experiences as part of the programs. As always the emphasis is heavily on independent artists.

As 2019 progresses, with other projects fully up and running, Brink plans to begin releasing new music again. Brink will sign as many as 6 artists in 2019 and plans to have the first releases from some of those artists out by the end of the year, with a steady release schedule planned for 2020.


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