Brink Records is Accepting Submissions

volume-949241_640It’s time to crank it up! Over our nearly 5 year history Brink Records has done a lot. We’ve averaged a little better than one release per year, we helped launch the East Coast Music Conference, we recently got into television (and are expanding that into OTT), and we have much more to come.

Everything we do is always, always focused on helping to elevate independent artists and getting them to a place where they can create full time. ECMC lets HUNDREDS of artists learn from industry pros, expand their networks, and go put that experience to work right away.

As great as building ECMC has been, it’s up and running and it’s time to get back to brass tacks! To be clear we’re not reducing any of our projects, we’re just ready to start putting out records again. We want to more than double our catalog by the end of 2020 and that means we need to release at least 6 albums in a little less than 18 months. It’s a big goal and we don’t know if it’ll happen. We have to find the right artists, recordings have to be made, and the release schedule has to be what’s best for the artists, and it has to work within everything else Brink has going on. It’s a big goal, but you gotta swing for the fences sometimes.

This means we need new artists. Currently we have a couple of artists active on the label and we have a couple we think will be joining the family soon. We’d like to sign a couple more in the next year and so we’re accepting submissions. Here’s what you need to know:

The music is the main thing.

You can be completely independent or previously signed, you can have management or not.

We’d like to see what you’ve done so far, but if you’re willing to work hard and the music is there, we can help you from the ground up.

We don’t care about genre. We dig originality and quality. We’ve put out rock, Americana, Country, and Pop. We’d like to get some Hip Hop on the label. We just want something that sounds new, not like “so-n-so, whomever, and that guy”. If we want to hear That Guy we’ll buy his record. We want you to sound like you.

If we don’t take you on, it’s probably an us thing. At the end of the day not everybody likes the same thing. Or maybe we have an artist coming on who is similar to you and it doesn’t make sense to do both at the same time. Don’t take it personally.

To submit: email us at (that’s our generic box). Include links to music, photos, bio. No attachments please. We WON’T open them. That’s just cybersecurity 101. We prefer Dropbox or a link to Reverb or Bandcamp.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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