December’s Children’s new EP, entitled ‘Waiting Room’ will be released this fall! The expected release date is November 15.  All tracks are recorded and now it is just a matter of putting together artwork, videos, merchandise, and of course pre-orders!

The pre-order campaign will begin mid-September and will include all sorts of exclusive merchandise, gifts, and early/unreleased tracks available nowhere else!

Brink Records’ crew traveled to Grand Forks and Grafton in late July and shot footage for several videos that  will be coming out by year end! We think these are going to be even better that the awesome “Skeletons” video released in July! Watch that one here.

Thanks to everyone who has made this release possible–the truly lovely and generous people of Grand Forks and Grafton, the fantastic folks in the Grand Forks government who made the shoot so easy to arrange, Ali Rood (also a terrific musician), the Herald’s reporter/photographer dream team of Hannah Black and Eric Hylden, Robert Simon who is more than an actor but someone without whom these videos would have been something less than they are, and the hilarious, talented, and creative group of UND actors who came out with Robert to make the Waiting Room video (more about them in a future post).



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