Brink’s Newest Artists: Norfolk, Virginia’s Turncoat Syndicate

Hard rock band Turncoat Syndicate has joined Brink Records. The Turncoat’s are a powerful and charismatic hard rock band that is favorably compared to such artists as Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, and even The Doors. The band is set apart by it’s unique blend of infectious, driving rhythms, crashing waves of guitar sound, whiskey-rough vocals (often in two or three part harmony) and artistic flair, all with a socially conscious sensibility.

Turncoat Syndicate’s prior release, Mourning Star, was a critTS promo photoical success, with widespread acclaim. It is now being re-released by Brink with a broader push to media and radio that will introduce their inescapable heavy groove to a much wider audience. Mourning Star will be followed by a full length album later this year. The first single, “Hidden Hand”, is already a regional rock hit and the video has been viewed thousands of times, mostly thanks to word of mouth.

Early radio response indicates that Turncoat Syndicate is gaining serious traction. We here at Brink expect many more good things for them and from them in 2016. Get Mourning Star and “Hidden Hand” at Amazon, iTunes, and many pther digital platforms.



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