London’s Latala Signs with Brink

Click for full EP

Brink Records is excited to announce the signing of London Singer/Songwriter/Producer Latala. Latala has been a successful indie/pop artist in the London music scene for several years. Her latest independent release, the EP Explanation Marks is available worldwide. Additionally, Latala’s successful 2015 video, “Grafeet Me”, is being given new support by Brink as part of the album promotion.
The label is very happy to work with such a multi-talented artist. A British-Lebanese performer, Latala is a multi-instrumentalist who plays piano and violin and writes all of her music. She is also a sought after producer and a working model. Latala has been compared to iconic female vocalists ranging from Adele to Enya.
Grafeet Me” has been described as “…a sultry slow burn to a crescendo of desire.” The video has already gotten excellent exposure in the UK and is expected to perform as well in the U.S. and other international markets as it is rolled out. All of the tracks on Explanation Marks are going to U.S. and Canadian radio this month with the expectation of a very high spin count. “The Wait” is a striking testament of longing and of Latala’s lyrical and compositional power. “Murderer” is a sensual electronic track that reveals her unique pop sensibility.
“Our expectation is that Latala is going to make a significant and immediate impact in North America,” says Grace Garvin-Little, Brink Records Head of PR/Marketing. “Looking at what she’s done in the U.K. as an independent artist, we think we can help her find a much larger audience. On the flip side of that, her combination of talent, unique sound, and a truly special voice is going to reach a lot of music lovers on both the most sophisticated and the most basic levels.”


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