Brink Puts Artists First & It Pays Off

“Since signing with Brink Records our band has seen nothing but positive returns. Drew and Grace use their years of experience and media relations knowledge to spread our work across many different avenues. They seem to believe in the groups they sign as much or more than the artists themselves at times,  and we trust that with their help we will receive more exposure than we ever imagined. We got on the road to success the day we signed‎.” ~ Ryan Johnston, December’s Children

Ryan made this statement not long after the release of Skeletons, their first album on Brink. Since then they’ve built an international following. Their songs have been streamed and downloaded thousands of times and they’ve had a successful tour. Songs from Skeletons have received radio play across the US and Canada and they’ve received numerous write up sin print media. Now they are up for three North Dakota Music Awards!

We’re so proud of the success of December’s Children and we are excited to begin our 2016 New Artist Search.  We can’t wait to see what the future brings for December’s Children and the other artists we’ll add this year. Here’s hoping you had a terrific 2015 and that an even better 2016 is on the way.

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