December’s Children to Return to Studio


December’s Children has been hard at work touring in support of Skeletons for the last several months, but are pleased to announce that their long overdue return to the studio is imminent.

The band had rough tracks laid down for their next album already and they have a separate single forthcoming as well. These releases are headed for mixing and mastering and more announcements about them are on the way!2016 will also see the first re-releases from the DC back catalog, re-mixed and re-mastered.

While some shows may be in the offing here or there, the active touring is done for now and the new music is on the way!

Brink and the band would like to thank everyone who made the release of Skeletons and the tour such a big success: All of the print media, especially the North Dakota papers which were so helpful, Alt Daily and everyone who took a few moments to write about December’s Children and Skeletons; college and commercial radio around the U.S., especially WVPM and Kens FM for their terrific support and the live performances streamed around the world by Ken; all of the US service personnel who continue to stream the album all over the planet; and every single one of the growing family of December’s Children fans who bought Skeletons, came to a show or account for one of the over 50,000 streams the album has received since April. You are all amazing, loved and appreciated!

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